How it works

For many people, images are the most important features giving character to the interior. For us, they have become an inspiration to create a new category of lighting. Beauty, design and uniqueness. These are the values that formed Led’s Design, a brand created to complement interiors with new technology.

We want to co-create with you a space of the highest level in terms of aesthetics and technology. That is why we use LED Crystal Panel, an innovative technology which is not limited just to single LEDs. It involves engraving the panel so that light spreads evenly across the surface and makes the LED image illuminated in its full dimension without darkened or underexposed spots.

LED Crystal Panel is a backlight created for designs that require light to be evenly distributed over the entire surface. It consists of a 4 mm thick engraved PMMA panel which is edge-lit by a top-quality LED strip, specially made to our order.

Elegance slim v2


The slim frame, 18mm thick and 10mm wide, is perfect for smaller sized images. Created so you can enjoy backlighting in any space, even the smallest. In this model, we used the latest backlight film printing technology to make your chosen artwork crisp, saturated and the perfect finishing touch to your interior.

Obraz podświetlany Elegance Slim z własnym nadrukiem


This 22.5mm thick and 11mm wide frame fits larger sized paintings. We have made every effort to ensure that the Elegance model combines strength and beauty, as larger images require a stronger frame. Thanks to the design modeled after the Elegance Slim model, you can compose entire galleries of images on the wall with graphics of varying sizes, all maintained in a uniform elegant character. Like the Elegance Slim, this model also features graphics printed on backlit film.

Obraz podświetlany model Canvas


Frame model 33 mm thick and 2 mm wide, created for larger graphics. Prints are created on a specialized textile material designed for LED backlighting. Thanks to the characteristic texture of the material, which resembles a classic painter’s canvas, the Canvas model will be a perfect complement to all minimalist interiors, where the most important thing is the exposure of the image.