LED’S Design online shop is operated by SKL Plus sp. z o. o. with its registered office at: ul. Błażeja 70D, 61-608 Poznań, at the website address: https://leds.design  (hereinafter referred to as the “Online Shop”).

The Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop are mainly applicable to consumer sales (B2C) and define the principles of entering into distance selling contracts through the Online Shop.

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is voluntary and necessary to create an account or make an order and purchase.


Whenever the following capitalised phrases are used in the further part of these Terms and Conditions, they should be understood in the meanings set forth below, unless the context  clearly indicates otherwise.

REGISTRATION FORM – a registration form available in the Online Shop enabling to create an account.

ORDER FORM – an interactive form to be filled in by the Customer to place an Order, it contains product parameters.

COMPLAINT FORM – a form to be filled in by the Customer, necessary for the proper complaint procedure.

CUSTOMER – any entity entering into a Contract of Sale through the Online Shop.

CONSUMER – a natural person entering into a Contract of Sale with the Seller through the Online Shop.

ACCOUNT – Customer’s account in the Online Shop, it collects personal data provided voluntarily by the Customer and data of the Orders placed.

SHOPPING CART – an element of the Online Shop showing the Products intended for purchase that are added by the Customer; it is also possible to modify the number of Products in the shopping cart.

PRODUCT – an item or service presented in the Online Shop that is the subject-matter of the Contract of Sale between the Customer and the Seller. Unless otherwise expressly indicated, the appearance of the finished Product is only for illustrative purposes and cannot be the basis for complaints.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – these Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop.

SELLER – SKL Plus sp. z o. o. with its registered office at the address: ul. Błażeja 70D, 61-608 Poznań, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 9721195168

SHOP – the Online Shop operated by the Seller at the following website address: https://leds.design

CONTRACT OF SALE – a contract of sale of the Product between the Customer and the Seller concluded through the Online Shop.

DISTANCE CONTRACT – a contract concluded with the Consumer with the exclusive use of means of distance communication by means of the Online Shop system, without the physical presence of the parties.

ORDER – the Customer’s declaration made by means of the Order Form leading to the conclusion of a Contract of Sale of the Product(s) with the Seller with obligation to pay.


Seller’s address: ul. Błażeja 70D, 61-608 Poznań

Seller’s e-mail address: office@leds.design

Seller’s phone number: +48 61 828 07 51

Seller’s bank account number:

The Customer may communicate with the Seller by e-mail, phone and by post to the address given above.

The Seller’s telephone service is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.


For the proper operation of the Online Shop, the end devices and the data communications system used by the Customer should meet the following technical requirements:

  1. access to the Internet with a current web browser;
  2. active e-mail account;
  3. use of the browser with enabled cookies.


Customers browsing the range of products in the Shop are not required to create an account.

There is no need to create an account if the basic data to complete the Order are provided.  

Prices are in PLN and include VAT at the applicable rate.


In order to set up an Account, the customer is obliged to provide the necessary data in the Registration Form:

  1. first name and surname;
  2. active e-mail account;
  3. delivery address;
  4. contact phone number;
  5. consent to the processing of personal data (GDPR);
  6. consent (or lack thereof) to newsletter subscription.

Setting up of an Account in the Online Shop is completely free. To log in, please use the login / email and password provided in the Registration Form.

The Account may be deleted by the Customer without providing any reason, at any time and without incurring any costs. Willingness to remove the Account should be reported by e-mail or by correspondence to the address given in Section 3 herein above.


To place an Order:

  1. select a Product (one or more) that will be the subject-matter of the Contract of Sale (an image with graphics selected from the shop database or your own graphics);
  2. specify the Product parameters: size, model, colour, power supply unit and click the “add to cart” button;
  3. go to the cart, click on the “proceed to payment” button;
  4. log in to the Shop or choose shopping without registering, in such a case it is necessary to provide the personal data of the Order recipient and the address to which it is to be sent;
  5. select the shipping method (type of Product delivery);
  6. enter the invoice data, if different from the data of the Order recipient;
  7. click the “buy and pay” button;
  8. pay for the order in accordance with the method chosen in due time.


The Customer may use the following payment methods:

  1. automatic payments with the use of Przelewy 24
  2. bank transfer.

The delivery cost is included in the product price.

The Customer will be informed about the most favourable type of delivery proposed by the Seller.

Shipping on the territory of Poland. In case of orders delivered abroad, please contact us to determine the shipping costs.


The Contract of sale is entered into at the time of placing an Order by the Customer with the use of the Order Form. Upon receipt of the Order, the Seller informs the Customer, by a message sent to the e-mail address provided while placing the Order, about receipt of the Order, acceptance for execution and confirmation of the Contract of Sale.

From the time the Customer receives such a message, the Contract of Sale between the Customer and the Seller shall become effective. From that time on, the waiting time for the Order is 10 working days.


Withdrawal from the Contract of Sale by the Consumer, i.e. return of the product without providing any reason, shall be possible within 14 days from the date of purchase or receipt of the Product(s) from the courier.

A Declaration of Withdrawal from the Contract of Sale may be sent by post or e-mail.

This right shall not apply in respect to non-prefabricated orders, manufactured to the Consumer’s specification or intended to meet their individual needs i.e. any customised Products with dimensions other than the standard dimensions available in the Online Shop, with a photo printed at the Consumer’s request, shall not be subject to return.

Charges related to the return of the Product shall be borne by the Consumer.


SKL Plus sp. z o.o. as a Guarantor, provides a warranty for all products for a period of 24 months that will start running from the date of sale. The warranty shall cover only physical defects inherent in the product and resulting from defects in material or manufacturing. Complaints shall be accepted in writing by post or e-mail. The Customer may send the Product directly to the manufacturer or to the place of purchase with a proof of payment (e.g. receipt or invoice, bank or credit card statement). Lack of original packaging will not invalidate the complaint. In case of lack of original packaging, the Product should be protected in a way that prevents it from damage during transport.

Each Complaint will be considered within 14 days starting from the day after the product is delivered to the Guarantor. If the complaint is accepted, the Guarantor shall cover the costs of receipt of the defective product and sending it back.

SKL Plus sp. z o. o. reserves all rights to decide how to handle the warranty claim. If it is necessary to replace a component imported from abroad or to examine it more closely in the place of manufacture, the time of waiting for the Product may be prolonged. In this case, the Customer will be informed about the inconvenience. If, for some reason, repair is impossible, the product will be exchanged for a new one or money will be refunded to the bank account given by the Customer.

Extension of the Warranty Period

  • In case of minor repairs, it shall be the time counted from the time of collection of the claimed product by the courier till the time of delivery back to the Customer after repair.
  • If a major component (e.g. power supply unit) is replaced, the warranty will be restored for that component only.
  • Replacements of major components that contribute significantly to the cost of the product, e.g. the matrix, will cause the warranty to restart and cover the entire product.

The warranty shall not cover damage caused by accidents, e.g. fire, flooding, etc. and defects caused by mechanical damage, e.g. excessive pressure, scratching, falling, unauthorised modification or repair of the product, etc. The warranty also shall not cover aesthetic damage or defects caused by improper maintenance, assembly, storage, product exposure to weather conditions, strong chemicals or high temperatures. Warranty entitlements shall be lost if the product sent back is incomplete, is in a different condition than the original condition, or has been damaged in transit due to inadequate protection.

In case of consumer sales, the Warranty shall not limit the claims included in the Act  on Specific Terms of Consumer Sale of July 27, 2002.

If the purchased Product has any seals, serial number stickers or other markings, it is prohibited to: break, alter and/or obliterate them. Lack of manufacturer’s markings or breaking of the seals shall void the warranty.

The warranty shall not cover changes in the appearance or functional features of the Product resulting from its ordinary operation that may appear over time, e.g. decrease in LED luminous flux, subtle change in the colour of an imprint, etc.

If directly after receipt and after opening the packaging, it is found that the ordered Product is damaged or incomplete, it should be immediately reported.

If the image fails to light up when connected to the power supply, check that the image is connected to the power supply in the correct way and that there is voltage in the mains.


Complaints should be reported by sending a completed Complaint Form in writing to the company’s address marked: “Complaint” or by e-mail to: office@leds.design with “Complaint” in the subject line. Upon acknowledgement of the notification, the Customer shall send the damaged Product using the delivery method of their choice. After the shipment is received, the Technical Department will verify the damage and make a decision on the reported complaint. The Product is repaired and sent back to the Customer. If the complaint is accepted, the Seller shall cover the delivery costs.

If we cannot repair the Product, we will send you a new one or refund your money.

IMPORTANT! In order to report a complaint, it should include:

  • Completed Complaint Form;
  • Proof of purchase;
  • Photograph of the defect (if possible).


All the detailed information concerning the possibilities of using such methods and the applicable rules are available at the offices and on the websites of offices and social organizations dealing with consumer rights


All content included on the website and subpages (texts/graphics etc.) are the property of the Online Shop. They are subject to copyright and legally protected the Copyright and Related Rights Act of April 2, 1994)

While using the Online Shop, the Customer is obliged to respect the intellectual property rights.

By posting comments / photos etc. the Customer agrees to their processing by the owner of the Online Shop and bears full responsibility for them.

The Seller may refuse to process an order if the customer’s photo contains content that is illegal or violates good morals.


The personal data provided by the customer is processed by the service provider in order to perform the Contract of Sale in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of May 10, 2018 and the provisions of the EU Parliament and the Council (GDPR). Detailed information is contained in the “Privacy Policy” and “Cookies”.


Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions forms the grounds for the conclusion of a Contract of Sale.

We reserve the right to change them from time to time. Information about changes to the Terms and Conditions will be immediately sent to those who have a customer account and have agreed to receive our newsletter.

The current Terms and Conditions are published on the Shop website.

Amendments to the Terms and Conditions shall become effective upon their publication on the Shop website.


The Terms and Conditions are effective as of: 15.11.2021

Contracts are concluded in Polish.

All applicable laws not mentioned herein are contained in the Electronic Services Act, the Consumer Rights Act and the Civil Code.