Illuminated picture “Mother of dragons”

Game of Thrones-inspired fanart graphics depict the heroine holding a dragon egg in her hands and, as in the TV series frame, surrounded by flames that do not harm Daenerys Targaryen.


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Wondering about the difference between the different models? Not sure which one to choose to suit? Here they are, our three suggestions to choose from.


ELEGANCE SLIM – The slim frame, 18mm thick and 10mm wide, is perfect for smaller sized images. Created so you can enjoy backlighting in any space, even the smallest. In this model, we used the latest backlight film printing technology to make your chosen artwork crisp, saturated and the perfect finishing touch to your interior.

Ramka Elegance Slim

ELEGANCE – This 22.5mm thick and 11mm wide frame fits larger sized paintings. We have made every effort to ensure that the Elegance model combines strength and beauty, as larger images require a stronger frame. Thanks to the design modeled after the Elegance Slim model, you can compose entire galleries of images on the wall with graphics of varying sizes, all maintained in a uniform elegant character. Like the Elegance Slim, this model also features graphics printed on backlit film.

Ramka Elegance

CANVAS – Frame model 33 mm thick and 2 mm wide, created for larger graphics. Prints are created on a specialized textile material designed for LED backlighting. Thanks to the characteristic texture of the material, which resembles a classic painter's canvas, the Canvas model will be a perfect complement to all minimalist interiors, where the most important thing is the exposure of the image.

Ramka Canvas

POWER SUPPLY NOTE: The image will not light up without a power supply! The power supply is an integral part of the image, necessary for it to function. Therefore, our specialists for each image select the appropriate power needed to power it.

EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY – with it you can instantly connect the image to an outlet and enjoy a cozy atmosphere in your home.

What does such a power supply look like? Exactly like the charger from your phone!

Remember that at any time you can order from our store the appropriate power supply for the image of your choice. You can find all the information here:


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